Wellness Care &

There’s an old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure—and this applies to cats just as much as their humans. Keep your cat on track with regular physical exams. Take care of vaccinations, parasite prevention, lab work, behavioral assessments and nutritional evaluations. We’ll customize your visit to suit your cat’s specific needs with a gentle approach to minimize stress.

What To Expect

Comprehensive Physical Exams and Consultations

All cats need regular wellness exams, even if they seem perfectly healthy. Since our cats can’t tell us what’s wrong and are often good at hiding signs of illness, it can be tricky to know when there’s a problem. Regular exams allow us to evaluate your cat’s overall health and can help us catch developing issues before they become more advanced, allowing for early treatment and better outcomes.

We take our time with you and your cat, devoting 45 minutes to each appointment, which gives your cat time to get comfortable and acclimate to the new surroundings. It also gives you time to ask questions and gives us time to answer those questions and make specific recommendations.


Our vaccination recommendations are tailored to each individual cat. We perform a thorough risk assessment, considering your cat’s life stage, lifestyle, medical history, health status, and environmental factors before deciding which vaccines are right for your cat.

To protect your cat, we use the PUREVAX line of vaccines, which are made without the use of adjuvants—substances added to enhance the body’s immune response to a vaccine.
Infrequently, adjuvants have been associated with injection site reactions and granulomas, chronic inflammation and, rarely, injection site sarcoma (a highly aggressive type of cancer in cats). PUREVAX vaccines are also smaller in volume than other vaccines on the market, making them quicker to administer and less painful for your cat.

Kitten Care

Haven’t had a kitten in awhile? Ever? Give them a healthy start with the appropriate vaccinations and parasite treatment and prevention. We also provide kitten-specific guidance on nutrition, behavior, enrichment, socialization and training.

Behavioral Counseling

We know you love your cat, but common behavioral issues—like litter box use (or lack of it), destructive scratching, aggressive behavior and urine marking—aren’t so lovable. We can help.

Nutritional Counseling

Whether it’s weight loss, managing disease through nutrition, or strategies for feeding multiple cats in a single household, we evaluate the issue and offer a plan that’s specific to your cat’s needs.


Pricing Info

Physical Exam and Consultation – $72

FVRCP Vaccine – $35

Feline Leukemia (FeLV) Vaccine – $35

Rabies 1 year Vaccine – $35

Rabies 3 year Vaccine – $95