We offer a variety of general surgical services, including spay and neuter, tumor or lump biopsy and removal, wound treatment and repair, and surgery of the stomach, intestines or bladder. If your cat needs orthopedic surgery or another advanced procedure, we can arrange for a board-certified surgical specialist to come to us. Undergoing surgery in a familiar place can make things easier on anxious cats.

What To Expect

About Surgery

Before your cat has surgery, we’ll see them for a pre-operative appointment to discuss the procedure and check their overall condition. This visit will include a physical exam and possibly diagnostic testing depending on your cat’s age and health status.

On the morning of surgery, we’ll schedule a 10 minute drop off appointment to complete patient intake. After that, you’ll leave your cat at the hospital until the procedure is complete and they’ve recovered from the anesthesia. We’ll send you regular updates and photos or videos of your cat throughout the day to let you know how they’re doing. You’ll then be able to pick up your cat later on the same day.

At discharge, we’ll go over home care instructions and answer any questions you have. We’ll then schedule a complimentary post-operative exam 7-14 days after your cat’s surgery so we can make sure that they’re healing well.