Telehealth Appointments

In today’s world, we understand that it’s not always possible to fit a vet visit into your busy schedule. For our established patients, we offer virtual visits — a convenience for you and one less car ride for your cat, who may or may not be hiding under the bed.

What To Expect

A telehealth appointment is a lot like an in-person appointment, but you’ll see our staff on a screen or speak to them on the phone from the comfort of your own home. Video visits are performed via Zoom. During a telehealth appointment, our veterinarian can give medical advice, diagnose issues, and prescribe treatment or medications. To do so, we must have a current Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR) with your cat. This is the law, and it’s good medicine. This means we have physically seen your cat for an exam within the past year.

Scenarios in which a telehealth appointment may be appropriate:

  • General health and medical questions both big and small (no judgment here!)
  • When you’re wondering if a certain issue is worth an in-person visit
  • Behavioral or nutritional questions or concerns
  • Basic follow-up after an in-person visit for recent surgery, treatment, or illness

Based on observations during the telehealth appointment, we may still need to see your pet at the hospital.

Telehealth appointments are not a substitute for regular wellness visits. We need to see your cat in person so we can weigh them, listen to their heart and lungs, look in their ears and eyes, check their mouths, palpate their abdomen and joints, etc. We can’t do these things online.