At Atrium Cat Hospital, we believe in a team approach to cat care, working with you to choose the treatment that best suits the needs of you and your cat.

gray cat in nature

What Makes Us Different

A Modern, Streamlined Experience:
  • Book appointments, fill out patient forms, request prescriptions, and make payments with ease – all online!
  • Communicate your way – via text, email, phone, or video chat.
  • Skip the waiting room with contactless check-in and exam room checkout.
Low Stress Visits:
  • An environment that is easy on the senses – no loud noises or offensive smells. Cats really appreciate our no dog policy!
  • Special relaxing music, quiet voices, low lighting, and calming pheromones.
  • Consultation rooms that include furniture elements that allow opportunities for climbing, jumping, and hiding.
  • An elevated window seat that spans the back wall of each consultation room, allowing your cat to enjoy outdoor views during their exam.
  • We take our time and allow your cat to set the pace of the visit.
  • We examine your cat where she is most comfortable, whether in the bottom of her carrier, under a towel or blanket, or in our laps!
  • We strive to perform all examinations, treatments, and procedures in your presence in the consultation room.
Highly-Trained, Compassionate Staff:
  • Our staff is trained to approach and handle cats gently and respectfully. We speak softly, avoid direct eye contact, and move slowly to minimize stress.
  • We recognize early subtle signs of fear, anxiety, and pain and adjust our approach accordingly. We can always pause the checkup, let your cat take a break, and continue when he is calmer.
  • We believe in a “less is more” approach when handling your cat. We liberally use food rewards, toys, and opportunities for petting and play to encourage cooperation. In our experience, heavy restraint increases fear and arousal and results in negative associations that may impact future visits.
Honest, Open Communication:
  • We may treat cats, but we speak human. We value clear, honest communication. You deserve full transparency, so we carefully explain everything, from pricing to tough medical decisions.
  • We listen with compassion. We hear your issues, respect them, and do everything in our power to help.
Personalized Medical Care:
  • Your cat deserves exceptional care, and we’re here to deliver. We customize our care recommendations to you and your cat’s specific needs, preferences, and behaviors.
  • We know a lot about cats, but when it comes to YOUR cat, you’re the expert. That’s why we believe in a team approach to providing health care and involve you as part of the team.
  • We believe in science-based medicine. We stay up to date on the latest research so we can provide your cat with the best care possible.