End of Life Care

One of life’s greatest unfairnesses is the fact that our furry family members don’t live as long as we do. Let our compassionate staff gently guide you and your cat on this end of life journey.

What To Expect

Quality of Life

We believe that your cat’s quality of life should guide their care. Quality of life is a term that’s often used in the veterinary world to describe a pet’s overall well-being. It encompasses a variety of physical, mental and behavioral factors that help us get a better sense of whether a pet is happy, declining, in pain or experiencing any degree of suffering. While pets can’t tell us how they feel, there are typically signs that indicate when a pet’s health or quality of life is diminished.

If it’s determined that your cat has a serious or terminal disease, we can provide palliative care, treating their symptoms and managing any pain they may have. We can also counsel you on how to know when it’s time to say goodbye.

Saying Goodbye

When palliative care is no longer providing relief to your feline friend, we perform humane euthanasia in the quiet, calming environment of our office.

If you prefer in-home euthanasia, local services include Lap of Love and Azure Holland.

Note: The cost of euthanasia should not be a barrier to ending your pet’s suffering. The Wake County Animal Center offers no-cost, owner-requested euthanasia. For more information, call 919-212-7387.

Pricing Info

Quality of Life Evaluation – $72