Consent for Dental Treatment

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Consent for Dental Treatment

So that we can prepare for your cat’s procedure, please complete and submit this form at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment.

Description of Services

Your cat will be undergoing general anesthesia for a dental procedure today. During general anesthesia, your cat is completely unaware of his/her surroundings and is not responsive to external stimuli. For your cat’s comfort and safety, he/she will receive oxygen and anesthetic gas through a breathing tube and receive fluids and medications through an intravenous (IV) catheter.

Once your cat is anesthetized, we will conduct a thorough oral examination, take x-rays of all teeth, and perform a professional dental cleaning and polishing.

After the oral exam and review of the x-rays, the doctor may determine that your cat needs additional treatment beyond what you’ve authorized on the Treatment Plan. In these cases, a separate treatment plan and estimate will be made. Depending on the severity of disease present, the doctor may recommend splitting your cat’s treatment into two stages. The first stage would be completed today and the second stage would be scheduled for a later date.

Please read the following statements, then sign below.