Our Services

We offer comprehensive cat care—from regular checkups to treatment of serious medical issues to compassionate end of life care.

Wellness Cat

Wellness Care & Vaccinations

Keep your cat on track with regular physical exams. Take care of vaccinations, parasite prevention, lab work, behavioral assessments and nutritional evaluations. We’ll customize your visit to suit your cat’s specific needs with a gentle approach to minimize stress.

Sick Visits

We offer the full range of general veterinary services. From treatment of urgent problems to management of chronic conditions, we’re here for you and your cat.


Dental Care

We take your cat’s oral health seriously. Regular dental evaluation, including oral examination, x-rays, and tooth cleaning and polishing, is crucial to keeping your cat’s mouth healthy and pain free. We also perform oral surgery (e.g. tooth extraction) for cats with severe dental disease. All dental services are performed under general anesthesia.


We offer a variety of general surgical services, including spay and neuter, tumor or lump biopsy and removal, wound treatment and repair, and surgery of the stomach, intestines or bladder. If your cat needs orthopedic surgery or another advanced procedure, we can arrange for a board-certified surgical specialist to come to us. Undergoing surgery in a familiar place can make things easier on anxious cats.

Telehealth Cat

Telehealth Appointments

today’s world, we understand that it’s not always possible to fit a vet visit into your busy schedule. For our established patients, we offer virtual appointments — a convenience for you and one less car ride for your cat, who may or may not be hiding under the bed.

End of Life Care

As cat lovers, we understand how hard it is to say goodbye to your feline friend. Our compassionate staff will gently guide you and your cat on this end of life journey.

Old Calico cat